My Story

When I learned to sew as a child, I did not want to sew. My grandma was fierce and insistent. She nagged. She ripped out a lot of my seams.

Seam ripping is never fun but sometimes you just have to do it until you get it right. This dedication to quality is fundamental to my bags today.


Bags by April started when I found myself working in a fabric shop. This was a bit confusing to my mom and grandma since fabric shopping was always utter agony when I was a child. My grandmother would stay for what felt like hours and look at the same darn fabric FOREVER. And, hahahaha, my poor kids feel the same way when I haul them to the fabric but they have NO IDEA of the true taste of fabric shopping doom. I still dislike shopping—even for fabric.

In the beginning, my passion was quilting and making bags was a natural progression from quilting. I am inspired by color and textures. I love taking perfectly good fabric, cutting it into pieces, matching it with other fabric, and then sewing it all together to create something wonderful. Quilts are expensive and take a lot of time but my bags are a sort of "mini quilt". So I get my fabric and color fix in a fraction of the time it takes to make a quilt.

I do hope you enjoy carrying my bags as much as I enjoy making them. They truly are my heart and soul.

My Favorite Bags